New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 13

Accepted Abstracts

The Results of a Questionnaire Survey about the Present Situation and Problem of Drawing Japanese National Universities Management Plans up by Support of IR

Tetsuya Oishi, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan)

Eiichi Takata, Kobe University (Japan)

Takahiro Seki, Niigata University (Japan)

Masao Mori, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan)


In recent years, as sustainable university management becomes hard, the science education must be conducted by management plans efficiently and effectively. However, no know-hows are established in drawing the management plans up now in at least Japan. Then there are some inappropriate university management plans. We had known that some of these plans for globalization were not appropriate at least. Institutional Research (IR for short) is expected to solve this problem. IR is defined as "providing information to support drawing plan up, drawing policy up, and decision making of universities". IR is now taken notice as a tool of supporting university management. IR is expected to support drawing university management plans up but no one grasps what kind of support is conducted by IR when drawing university plans up. Accordingly, we conducted a questionnaire survey to know the present situation and problems of support by IR when drawing university management plans up. These results are expected to be basic data to study how to draw appropriate management plans under the support of IR. The targets of this questionnaire survey are the Japanese national universities that are obligated to draw mid-term and annual plans up. Here mid-term means 6 years and annual plans are drawn up in each year of this mid-term. Through this questionnaire survey, we survey contents and problems about support of IR when drawing plans up. As the results of this questionnaire survey is now gathering, we will show these results in our paper and presentation.

Keywords: University, Management Plan, Institutional Research;


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