New Perspectives in Science Education

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Introducing Video Analysis in the Physics Classroom - A Case Study

Geraldine Cutajar, St Theresa College Secondary School (Malta)

Charles Bonello, University of Malta (Malta)


Research shows that students should be provided with various opportunities which involves them in the active process of learning. The aim of this study was to investigate whether video analysis supports the students’ learning and their motivation during Physics lessons.  According to Bryan (2013), video analysis is a technique whereby computer software can calculate and plot graphs of displacement, velocity and acceleration against time according to the object in motion in a digital video. For this study, two secondary state schools were chosen, one of which was a boys’ school and the other a girls’ school. The investigation was carried out with one Physics teacher and two classes from each school. The topic chosen for this study was ‘Linear Motion’. In particular, the topic of distance-time and speed-time graphs was presented to students. All the lessons that included video analysis were audio recorded and observed. One-to-one interviews were conducted with the teachers where they shared their experience when using video analysis in a lesson. Four focus groups, each consisting of five students from the chosen classes were set up to generate insights about their learning experience using video analysis and graph interpretation. Moreover, four other interviews were conducted with teachers from other schools, to get their feedback on the video analysis resource pack used during this study. Most of the teachers involved in the study regarded video analysis as a useful resource to the teacher’s repertoire of classroom resources in the teaching of Physics. Students mostly enjoyed the videoing aspect, while the computer generated graphs seem to have helped and improved their analyses of these graphs. The results however show that such a tool is not valuable unless teachers have proper training in using the software and implement it effectively during Physics lessons.


 Video Analysis, Visualizing Techniques, Student Motivation,       Active Learning, Teacher/Student Perceptions


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