New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 14

Accepted Abstracts

Raising Awareness of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in Biosciences

Doris Elster, Institute for Science Education, University of Bremen (Germany)


STARBIOS2 – Responsible Research and Innovation Biosciences - is an European project that has received funding from the Framework Programme HORIZON 2020 (coordinator: Universitá di Roma Tor Vergata). STARBIOS2 aims at activating structural processes in research institutions in respect to their culture, rules and procedures focussing on five key issues: gender, education, open access, ethics, and societal engagement. Therefore, six European partners – one of them is the Faculty Biology and Chemistry at the University Bremen – develop and implement action plans to promote the RRI keys at institutional level. The process of implementation of RRI is triggered by the Institute of Science Education with the goal to provide future researchers with new capacities for attracting children and youth to science and technology. The concept of raising awareness of RRI issues as well as the contribution of science educators to promote the process of RRI implementation by offering “academic building blocks” in a complex training programme for ongoing teachers and researchers will be presented. 

Keywords: European project, RRI, biosciences, teacher education;


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