New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 14

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The Implementation of the Competency-Based Approach and Active Pedagogy in Studies in Entrepreneurship in Tunisian Universities

Aya Ghoul, University of Manouba (Tunisia)

Rym Hachana, University of Manouba (Tunisia)


Most research which focus on the importance to grant to entrepreneurship education shed light essentially, on the impact of this on intention of undertaking and/or acting out among students. However, studies related to the quality of programs and the nature of the pedagogy used in entrepreneurial training is scarce. From a qualitative exploratory study performed in the university context, this research shows the importance to make use of active methods based on the competency-based approach in entrepreneurship training programs at university in Tunisia.
The integration of the different practices of the competency-based approach in university in Tunisia is relatively new but growing for ever a decade. In this context, the purpose of this paper is to study the practices used to develop active entrepreneurial pedagogy and make it sustainable. Thereby, we will carry out a review of the literature on the practices of active pedagogy and the specificities of the used to improve the situation of entrepreneurial pedagogy, and finally we will study the situation of the entrepreneurship education in university in Tunisia.

Key words: active pedagogy, entrepreneurship education, competency-based approach 

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