New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 14

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Chemistry Teaching Training: Experiences and Research

Cinthia Maria Felicio, Instituto Federal Goiano campus Morrinhos (Brazil)

Carla Regina Amorim dos Anjos Queiroz, Instituto Federal do Triângulo Mineiro (Brazil)

Franciéli Pinheiro, Instituto Federal Goiano Campus Morrinhos (Brazil)

Laurielly Maria Itacarambi da Silva, Instituto Federal Goiano Campus Morrinhos (Brazil)


In Brazil there is a deficit of teachers in the scientific areas, compromising the technological development of the country and the development of industry as well as basic or applied research. In order to solve the lack of teachers, a teaching initiation program, PIBID, was created by the government. In this work, we will describe the main activities of undergraduate students in chemistry that are part of this program at the IFGoiano, Campus Morrinhos in 2017. The program is formed by 10 students who that were studying during 2017 from the second to the eighth period of the course. The activities began in February 2017 with planning strategies among 10 fellows, a supervisor and a coordinator of the campus subproject. It was proposed a seminar of basic concepts in chemistry, to study and base the scholarship holders and the development of pedagogical strategies, as elaboration of didactic materials, development of dynamics and interactive activities to the study of chemical concepts. It was developed by two students of the course a questionnaire asking: How the participation in PIBID has interfered in your academic performance? How has PIBID interfered with your academic performance? Among the answers, we can see that there is still much difficulty in describing the objectives of the program and exemplifying what public policies are. The main negative influence identified is linked to the difficulty in being able to attend the weekly meetings that the program requires alongside the study for the course subjects. It was possible to observe that the students in the initial periods do not consider the weekly meetings important for their professional formation, while students of the eighth period who were part of the program since 2014 declared the importance of the public policies of teacher training, not only for their performance but also for their insertion in the labor market. In addition leaving the traditional classes and going through more interactive teaching strategies with "differentiated methodologies". PIBID has presented good results in teacher training. The public politics need to be institutionalized so we can minimize the lack of science teachers in the country.

Keywords: Chemistry teaching, research, teacher qualification;

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