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The Application of the Terminology Standardization Method in the Teaching of the Economic Lexicon - (the Methodology of Teaching the Romanian Language to Alophone Students)

Lidia Strah, State University of Republic of Moldova (Moldova, Republic of)


The importance of the language was highlitghted during many centuries. The language, as A.R. Luria has written, behind communication among people, deeply perceive our perception and memory and organizes our inner world, being a tool of communication and elaboration of thinking. So, thise things we can say about romanian language, especially about the specialized lexicon.
The involvement of the specialization lexicon in a very direct way into different situations of communication, can take various forms, begining with the simpliest "measure units" as the terminology, which can reduce the problematic phenomena in the process of knowing the specialization language. The assimilation of a specialization lexicon through the methodology of terminological standardization is a difficult work, because every step of teaching - learning - evaluation needs an effort of "unification of assimilation system of economic lexicon".
So, the standardization of specialization terms is a difficult process which includes various activities: the terms definition, bringing together the lexical units according the communication situation, the terminology sheets, creation of new "professional communication blocks" and their adjustment to the existent linguistic rules. Actually, the terminology standardization, as I mentioned above, must be comply to some principles of the adequate teaching of romanian language to alophone students: principle of transmission and aquisition of lexical units in economic and educational terms; principle of "technological" teaching through verbal proceedings; principle of "situational" teaching, which refers to practice; principle of intuitive teaching; principle of difficulty grading; principle of essential vocabulary.

Keywords: terminological standardization, specialization terms, lexical units, terminological sheets, professional communication blocks, situational teaching;

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