New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 14

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Students' Assessment of the Application of New Educational Paradigms in the Teaching of Art Teaching

Mirela Tolić, University of Osijek (Croatia)


As a long-term goal in the economic and social progress of the country certainly be in place and initiatives related to the provision of multiple IT education. Since Croatia lacks research aimed at assessing the initial state of computer literacy within the elementary school education aim of this study was to determine the level of knowledge, digital competence  students of arts education and to determine the frequency of application of modern technologies in teaching of arts education. The study was conducted on a sample (N = 94) students in elementary school in Dalmatia, city Trogir. The measures included a comprehensive online questionnaire that examines the level of digital competence, frequency and manner of use of modern technology in the classroom as well as the purpose of use in the classroom. Respondents generally agree on the assessment of key digital competencies of students to work with new technologies as well as the purpose of the use of new technologies in the teaching process of arts education. The method of semantic differentiation in the decoding of symbols in art has also been used.

Keywords: application of modern technology in education, the purpose of the application of new technologies; 

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