New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 14

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The Benefits of a Multi-Modality Approach to Teaching and Learning

Keri Borzello, Summit View Schools (United States)


A multi-modality or multi-sensory approach to teaching and learning is critical for teachers to best meet the needs of all students and their various learning styles. Knowing that there are multiple learning styles in any given classroom of students, information must be presented in various ways to best capture all styles. Students’ who are auditory learners must hear data and information to learn best, visual learners benefit from Smart Boards and other assistive software technology, kinesthetic learners retain information from a hands on approach, including project-based learning. Teaching to all learners in a classroom must include presenting the same information in multiple ways. This study looks further at the benefits of a multi-modality approach to education in comparison to that of a traditional approach. It also examines data from a special education school that speaks to significant improvement in academic achievement when a multi-sensory/multi-modality approach to teaching and learning is used. By providing instruction that utilize various senses, students learning attention increases which develops a more conducive learning environment. Important benefits of a multi-modality approach include: increased motivation, more student engagement, and greater achievement.

Keywords: multi-modality, multi-sensory, learning styles, traditional, special education;


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