New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 13

Accepted Abstracts

The Impact of Cultural Dimensions on Science Learning among Male Students Attending Public Schools in Kuwait

Fatimah Alhashem, Gulf University for Science and Technology (Kuwait)


The social capital gap in education in Kuwait in public vs. private schools, beginning from early stages and continuing to higher education is a serious phenomenon requiring intervention. The investigation about boys; disadvantage and disengagement is needed because Kuwaiti students are not living in poverty where they are forced to drop out for survival issues. A case study was done to explore the rationales behind disadvantaged boys in public. The speculation and assumptions revolved around two main factors cultural background and school context including teacher’s efficiency. Nothing can achieve this end, except a good education system enriched with qualified human resources and an insight of the cultural circumstances.


Case Study, Kuwait’s public schools, expat teachers, Bilingual schools, inequality, disadvantaged boys, competency-based curriculum, social capital

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