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Practical Engineering Theses Under Pandemic Conditions: Challenges and New Approaches

Lina Schulze-Buxloh, FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences (Germany)

Rolf Groß, FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences (Germany)


Bachelor and Master Theses are important elements at the end of engineering studies. By independently working on a practical topic, the students should prove that they have learned all necessary tools to deal independently with typical problems from everyday work of an engineer with support from a supervisor in a given time. Usually, the students either work on a specific question from the industry in cooperation with an industrial company as a partner or they work on a partial aspect of a research or development project at the university. Due to the corona pandemic and the resulting restrictions such as contact restrictions, difficult access to laboratories at the university, entire companies working in home office mode for several month and paused research projects, new ways for Thesis had to be spontaneously developed [1,2]. Unfortunately, since it can not be foreseen when normal operation at the universities will be possible again in the long term and in a predictable manner, new concepts such as remote support and working on a project from home with the students were tried out. Questions often had to be modified in such a way that they can be processed meaningfully from home using simple tools and without a lot of technical equipment. In most cases, the implementation was a success: the students were happy to be able to successfully complete their studies without any further loss of time or financial problems, and the companies were pleasantly surprised by the often creative solutions and remote support for the projects, also from the university. Many interesting ideas for future projects and theses have emerged, which also include e.g. further distant industrial partners can be carried out in the future.

Keywords Engineering courses, Bachelor and Master Thesis, Remote-Supervision, industrial partners, Corona-Pandemic


[1], retrieved 18.12.21
[2], retrieved 18.12.21


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