New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 13

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The Benefits of Involving Undergraduate Students in Outreach Programmes: a Case Study in Singapore

Linda Sellou, National University of Singapore (Singapore)

Mei Hui Liu, National University of Singapore (Singapore)

Kim Yong Lim, National University of Singapore (Singapore)

Jianhong Kuang, National University of Singapore (Singapore)

Yuebo Yu, National University of Singapore (Singapore)

Amelia Loh, National University of Singapore (Singapore)

Qian Hui Hua, National University of Singapore (Singapore)


Education in Singapore has received international recognition. Schools are well supported in terms of facilities and technology. However due to the focus on examinations, most of the classroom time is dedicated to exam preparation and teachers have little time to explore topics out of the curriculum. As a consequence weak and even proficient students find difficulties in engaging in some subjects like science. Often they lose their motivation to pursue further studies in the subject. The Chemistry Department and the Faculty of Science of the National University of Singapore offers an outreach programme to engage young students in chemistry. The current theme is the science of cooking and molecular gastronomy adapted to local flavours and delicacies. To support the programme, undergraduates were involved as demonstrators. Undergraduate students act as educators and role models in this environment and inspire young school students. We found that undergraduate students improved their own perceptions of chemistry and increased their motivation for independent learning. This talk will share the experience and lessons learnt in the development and execution of the programme. We will highlight that with proper training and guidance, the participation to the outreach programme has a positive impact on the undergraduate personal development, academic learning and career prospects.

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