New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 12

Accepted Abstracts

Scientific Innovation to the Institutional Development: A study of Case at Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Acre (IFAC), Brazil

Flávio De São Pedro Filho, GEITEC - Research Group on Management of Innovation and Technology / Foundation Federal University of Rondônia (Brazil)

João Artur Avelino Leão, Federal University of Rondônia (Brazil)

José Moreira da Silva Neto, Postgraduation Program in Administration by the Federal University of Rondônia (Brazil)

Gleimíria Batista da Costa, Foundation Federal University of Rondônia (Brazil)

Uberlando Tiburtino Leite, Foundation Federal University of Rondônia (Brazil)


The strategic planning of educational institutions has been researched empirically, although the complexity of these organizations constitute of a privileged object of research of the processes of formulating strategic plans. This study took place at the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of the State of Acre in the Brazilian Amazon, to answer: How the Institutional Development Plan (IDP) can contribute to the effectiveness in the fulfillment of institutional responsibilities? The overall objective is to demonstrate the contribution that the Institutional Development Plan can bring to an educational institution, in order to contribute to the success and minimize the risk of failure. As a result, it proves that it is possible to leverage the institutional development, through scientific innovation made on community consensus, supported in strategic planning, through systematic control (1); The scientific innovation in consensus with the democratic participation of society as tools to support the strategic planning does not represent efficient method to leverage institutional development, and their applicability becomes inadequate and difficult (2). The plan is an articulator mechanism of public policies, allowing seeing the commitment of internal and external stakeholders around the Strategic Planning (3). This task may be useful in developing plans for innovation and modernization of decision-making processes in a public institution of education.


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