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Educational Project – Was Schiaparelli Wrong?

Nikolin Catalina, Slow Food Ograzden (Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic of)


Project importance This year they celebrated 10 years of the arrival on Mars of the first exploration rovers Spirit and Opportunity. On this occasion the approach about the study of Mars, completes the long way by enriching the knowledges of students and adapting them to the XXI century needs. The proposed approach consists in assimilation of notions about Space, Astronomers, planet Mars, before other sciences,that will help students to understand more aspects of the environment that surrounds them and also will help them more easily to assimilate some notions. At the same time it could be detected the different aptitudes and inclinations for certain sciences, for research, construction and related fields connected with space exploration.
It is absolutely  essential to train teachers in teaching with classical method reversed pedagogy applied to space science curricula additional. Framing of special needs students in the classroom pace and facilitating assimilation of knowledge and participation in group activities by using conceptual maps and video and sound as well as icons.

 Object of study Planet Mars Because in recent years, the discoveries in the field of space started to become richer and more diversified, I consider appropriate a curriculum integrated approach based on space science as a subject independent.
Knowledge of the space, and related topics, students have assimilated within hours and texts on various subjects.
For students to understand and assimilate easier elements on Mars we will start to from astronomers Loewell and Schiaparelli, works without which the information about Mars, Mercury, Venus and Pluto would not have existed. The project includes all age groups.
The methods themselves are Web Quest and Class reversed.


Software required:
• Google Earth
• SketchUp
• Lego Design
We Start a Geographic research and discovery expedition on platform Tharsis Montes - Olympus Mons.
The purpose of the research is:
- Geology, ore basement, ground layout, types of rocks looking for a new type of rock unknown on Earth: glass Martian
- Presumptive basement comparison Mud Volcanoes Buzau
- Soil fertility
- Seismology?? tectonic plates move??? volcanic activity??

The subjects and lesson contents are resources and working groups

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