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Effect of Gemcitabine on Mouse Bone Marrow Cells

AbdulRhman Alyahya, Dept.Clinical Lab.Sciences,Shaqra university,Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia)


No doubt that the treatment of malignant tumors by means of chemical drugs have directly contributed to reduce or elimnate some of these diseases. But antiquities side effects of such drugs still represent a real fear at the feasibility of their use. And despite the fact that in the industrial export drugs companies subject them to many of the standard tests internaitonally accepted before vacationed for use. Only to deal with these drugs must be done with extreme caution so as not to cause side effects, whether to the patient or the medical staff supervisor of the treatment.

Gemcitabine is one the modern chemcial drugs used against serious diseases. Where it is used againist advanced cancers such as cancers of the lung and bladder and ovarian guy but its famous use in treatment of pancreatic cancer is the top.

In the current study, short term tests have been applied, since they are fast and strong indicator for the detection of hearing ability or mutation or distorting the studied material in the neighbourhood system.

Male laboratory mice SWR/J were exposed to different concentrations of drugs individually or combined at different times to study its impact on the rate of cell death.  The results of the study indicated that 1. Individual single drug treatment of all doses resulted in significant increase of the cell death rates, the increase is universally proportional to the dose and the lenght of the treatment period and may be attributed to the increase in the dose or the duration of the exposure that lead to the disintegration of the treated cells and the impossiblity of identifying cells using dyes. 2. Combined drug treatment did not lead to a significant increase in cell dealth rates except when the dose of 100 mg per kg is used. This may be due to that the doses of 25 and 50 mg per kg did not have an impact on the cell death.

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