New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 12

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Design of Idenation Support System for Project Based Learning

Akiyuki Minamide, Kanazawa Technical College (Japan)

Kazuya Takemata, Deps. of Global Information Technology, Kanazawa Technical College (Japan)

Arihiro Kodaka, Kanazawa Technical College (Japan)

Sumio Nakamura, Department of Media Informatics of Kanazawa Institute of Technology (Japan)


Kanazawa Technical College (KTC) is an intensive 5-year educational institution focusing on experiential learning. First-year students take general subjects, hands-on courses, and technical classes related to their major. As the students’ progress through the curriculum, these general subjects are faded out, and the students take more and more technical classes until their schedules look like those of college students. In the fifth year of study, students perform a capstone project that spans the entire year. Many of the projects are hands-on activities involving system manufacturing, robot manufacturing, and program creation.

Project Based Learning (PBL) has been positively introduced into the education of KTC. The brainstorming that uses Post-it by the member of the group is often perform to an initial stage of PBL. It is more effective in this brainstorming that not only the student but also the person of the enterprise joins. However, the participation of the person in the remote place such as the enterprises is difficult.

Then, the Idenation Support (IS) system that was able to use it even in the remote place was constructed. In this paper, the outline of the IS system and three-dimensional (3D) projection system that had developed by using it were described.

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