New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 13

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Metacognitive Awareness and its Impact on Study Strategies in Online Learning Context

Maria de Fátima Goulão, Universidade Aberta (Portugal)


Framework: Research has shown the importance of awareness of one's mental processes for academic success. For such conditions that help students to have thought of this culture must be created. This requirement is extremely relevant when we situate it in online education system, which advocates independence for students. Purpose: This study aims to analyze the justifications given by a set of students, in continuous assessment, regarding the results obtained and the consequences for the future, at two different times. Method: The sample included 43 students in continuous assessment, from both sexes. After knowing the results were asked to indicate the implications of this exercise due to the approach or not, the actual rank. Results: The content analysis revealed the existence of two categories - Causality (Intrinsic / Extrinsic) and Influence (No consequences / Generics / Specifics) - regardless of the approach to real rank. Conclusion: The reflection that students can make about their learning process and the difficulties in developing their tasks is of great relevant to achieve an effective success. This was evident in the analysis that our students have made on the completion of the assessment work, as well as the consequences for their future study. This process of reflection and awareness in the teaching learning process is particularly relevant in online education where the role of metacognitive monitoring and control system gains a prominent role. So, allow students to reflect on these issues is to get them to become more effective learners.


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