New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 13

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Using LEGO Technic to Create a Transportation Timeline- A Unique Resource for Primary School Science Education

Gabriela Banica, Bricks4Kidz Romania (Romania)


The purpose of the paper is to present and analyze the Bricks 4 Kidz Transportation Timeline curriculum. By taking part at the lessons dedicated to the theme of transportation timeline children explore the history of transportation from horse and buggy and trains to the development of the automobile and flight. For six weeks, children build motorized LEGO models: a horse and buggy, a train, a car, a railroad crossing gate, a dragster, and an airplane.  Each lesson introduces terminology related to each mode of transportation, it describes how each “vehicle” works, and allows the children to create a LEGO model of the “vehicle”by following the step-by-step model plans. Introducing key terms as horsepower, internal combustion, accelerate, aerodynamic, traction and propulsion and concepts such as: “Wooden tracks were replaced by steel tracks, called rails. Steam locomotives were replaced by diesel locomotives. Trains have steel wheels which create less friction than rubber tires.”, “The four-stroke, internal combustion engine is the most common type of engine in cars today.”, “Every crossing has its own unique six-digit identification number called the “Grade Crossing Number” so that if there is an accident, emergency workers will know the exact location of the railroad crossing.”, in a model based LEGO building environment will allow the children a better understanding of such terms and facts.

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