New Perspectives in Science Education

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The Effect Of Blended Learning Method On Preservice Elementary Science Teachers’ Self-Efficacy Beliefs And Attitudes Towards Technology

Bekir Güler, Research Assistant, Bartın University (Turkey)

Mehmet Şahin, Assoc. Prof. Dr., Dokuz Eylul University (Turkey)


The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of blended learning method on pre-service science and technology teachers’ self-efficacy beliefs and attitudes towards technology. The study is conducted with 100 pre-service teachers at Dokuz Eylul University Science Education Department in the academic year 2014-2015. In the applications are conducted within the scope of the course “Special Topics in Physics”, while the experimental group (n=51) is studying with blended learning method, control group (49) is studying with face to face education. In the study, “Preservice Teacher Science Instruction Self-efficacy Beliefs Scale” and “Scale for Attitudes Towards Technology are used as data collection tools. Scales will be applied as pre and post-test to pre-service teachers. The data will be analyzed using SPSS 21. Findings and suggestions of study will be presented in full paper. The findings may be beneficial for the studies on blended learning.


Key Words: Blended Learning, Science Education, Preservice Teachers 

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