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Edition 12

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Russian View on the Bologna Process

Maxim Chubinsky, St. Petersburg State Forest Technical University (Russian Federation)

Anatoly Chubinsky, St. Petersburg State Forest Technical University (Russian Federation)


In 2010, the leading Russian Universities have been developed Federal State Educational Standards and the creation of which took into account the basic principles of the Bologna Declaration, including the competence-based approach to assessing the quality of specialist training, increased academic freedom of Universities for curriculum development, the presence in the educational program of disciplines at the student's choice, increase in self-study, taking into account labor discipline in credit units. From September 1 st 2011, all Russian universities switched to a two level system of training: Bachelor - Master.

However, this time related to the Bologna process in the society has undergone several changes, including because most teachers do not see improvements in the life of the Universities, which have passed in the mid 90s of last century, on new system of training. Education funding was not enough for successful development. Employers are not on demand bachelors who have the competence and level of education lower than the engineers because of the reduced period of study, unsupported introduction of modern methods and teaching aids, including IT, that certainly require additional financies

Not interested in the promotion of education business community:

- low interest of employers to the content of educational materials of bachelor's and master's degrees and their practical training in the workplace;

- virtually no sponsorship institutions of higher education;

-  not received the system of continuing professional education, including Adult education.

Analysis of the views of employees of higher education, public authorities, employers, shows a large spectrum of views on the Bologna process - from excellent to negative.



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