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Computer Assisted Educational Technology Lessons for Studens Attending High-school and Vocational/Technological Schools

Elena Brozici, High school Unirea, Bucharest (Romania)


According to the national education law, in Romania, the national system of  education for children between 14 and 18 years include two forms of education: high-school education (4-5 years) and technological education (3 years). High school education can be general, vocational and technological education. This highschool education is organized in order to specialize and qualify the students in accordance with the National Register of Qualifications.

At this moment the education programme include, among others, theoretical and laboratory classes on control panels for operating electric motors and lighting circuits for: long corridors, houses with 3 stores, staircases with “n” stores.

The operational objectives (learning, transfer, expression) followed in these lessons are: 1) knowledge of the contents of each of the different circuits schemes studied; 2) understanding the principle of operation of these schemes; 3) laboratory practical implementation of these schemes

My goal was to implement the use of computer programs during the lessons in order to improve the understanding of the students. The programs used were: PowerPoint and programs dedicated to the completion of the design scheme. These programms alwoed us to use animation and to simulate the practical realization of these circuits.

To ensure accuracy, we introduced the notion of practical realization of the technological scheme
connections whose drawing was performed similarly, using PowerPoint animation and allowing sizing of mechanical components (motherboard) and conductors. In this way we did not waste material.
I believe that such a training strategy enables young people to understand these technologies and acquire skills to enable them to enter and remain within the labor market.

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