New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 13

Accepted Abstracts

Motivating Students

Lamia Chiha, Fattouma Bourguiba High School (Tunisia)



I introduction

III motivation: definition and levels of motivation

IV increasing intrinsic motivation in the classroom: activities and enhancement

V- issues that affect motivation in at risk learners :suggestions for increasing the motivation of apathetic learners

VI- conclusion

Methodological framework:

The importance of motivation in second and foreign language learning is being increasingly noted in the last three decades.MCBeath wrote in 2006that  “ once students are motivated to learn, they are already on the way to structuring their own learning”(Mc Beath 2006,246).

In todays educational climate, it is not uncommon to see learners who are not motivated to learn the task assigned.A great number of studies have approached this problem from various angles, including motivation theoryand expectancy value assessment. My paper will be mainly grouded on intrinsic motivation in particular and other facets of motivation in general which are applicable to foreign language classrooms around the world

This paper aims to determine the key role motivation plays in the success of language learners and to demonstrate the highly positive relationship between motivation and achievement.It is no doubt that one of the teacher’s responsibilities is to provide activities which learners find intrinsically motivating.This paper is divided into two parts; the first part which is mainly theoretical that is a review of literature concerning motivation and the various approaches and findings about the question.

In the second part of the paper, I will identify strategies that take learners who are unmotivated and provide them with unique educational experiences that will lead to a greater enjoyment of learning course curriculum.


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