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ASLTo3 in Palliative Care MOOC: the new European project in Erasmus + Program

Michele Presutti, Direttore SC Formazione e Ricerca ASLTO3 Piemonte (Italy)

Maurizio Martucci, Responsabile Attività Aziendale di Psiconcologia, SC Servizio territoriale Continuità delle Cure ASLTO3 Piemonte (Italy)

Sabrina Grigolo, Gradenigo Hospital (Italy)

Patrizia Alberti, Coordinatore Infermieristico SS Cure Palliative, ASLTO3 Piemonte (Italy)

Donatella Pascal, coordinatore Infermieristico, SS Cure Palliative ASLTO3 Piemonte (Italy)

Gioia Becchimanzi, Responsabile Medico SS Cure Palliative ASLTO3 Piemonte (Italy)

Maria Condò, SC Ricerca e Formazione, ASLTO3 Piemonte (Italy)

Nicoletta Ghilotti, SS Cure Palliative, ASLTO3 Piemonte (Italy)

Daniela De Marie, SS Cure Palliative ASLTO3 Piemonte (Italy)


In the daily activities, very often, the terms "palliative care" and "palliative medicine" are interchangeable. The term "palliative medicine" is considered as related to a medicine specialization, while the term "palliative care" is related to a multiprofessional and multidimensional dimension of the taking care of the person and of his/her family during the last period of life. When the patient lives an unfavourable prognosis, a "total suffering and pain" situation is evident: beyond the physical problems, the psychological and spiritual aspects are evident, together with social and interpersonal relationship problems and economics complications. Taking care of the patient with unfavourable prognosis means to face all questions related to pain and suffering of the patients, so applying the philosophy of palliative care.

A new European Project named "Palliative Care MOOC" coordinated by University of Medicine and Pharmacy (Iasi, Romania) and funded by Erasmus+ Program has started on October 1st 2014 and will finish in 2017.

The general aim is to create open digital educational resources in the field of palliative medicine based on a developing innovative guideline connected to standardized fundamental medical manoeuvres, clinical language and communication skills in order to support the learning/teaching processes of the medical lecturers, of the language teachers who teach medical students, of medical students, and of the lay people involved in health situations.

The results of this European project will create a new training course developed at European level with different partners coming from four countries. Here is the list of the participants:

- University of Brasov (RO)

- Fundatia EuroEd (RO)

- SC RedHospital (RO)

- Harel de Grote University (BE)

- University od Madrid (ES)


- Pixel Association (IT)

- Connectis (IT)

The strongly integrated collaboration between the Training and Education Department and Care Palliative Department of ASLTO3 will create a new training opportunity for students and healthcare professional workers of Piedmont Region to experiment a different approach to the care of the patient.

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