New Perspectives in Science Education

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Digital English Language Literacies Strategy Enhancing an Inclusive English Program Foreign Language Department at Univesidad del Valle de Atemajac

Oscar J. Martinez-Alaniz, Centro de Lenguas Extranjeras( CELE) Universidad del Valle de Atemajac, Guadalajara, Jalisco (Mexico)


Teachers act as facilitators and partners for teaching and learning, all teachers use adaptable and flexible teaching strategies. In a digital world, teachers need to learn to use the tools to master the learning skills that are essentials to everyday life and workplace productivity. This proficiency is known as Information Computer Technology Literacy. Centro de Lenguas Extranjeras (CELE) at Universidad del Valle de Atemajac has an Inclusive English Learning High School Program to enhance different teaching-learning capacities practices and bringing digital language literacies into their classrooms. Digitalization provides a fast, dynamic, and mobile format on multiple uses. The main goal of this study is to work in an Inclusive High School English Program. Due to space limitations, we cannot present here the whole study. We will concentrate on the aspects that promoted an Inclusive English Learning Program and the results achieved by the English Foreign Language inclusive students. We will first revise the opinion teachers of English as a Foreign Language about Inclusive English as a Foreign Language Program, to concentrate later on the attitudes toward English as a Foreign Language Inclusive Program expressed by the general public, English students and English teachers. To this end, we will use data and teaching strategies collected both through a questionnaire and some personal interviews. The comparison of the two sources will show that what is being discussed by many authors is not generally reaching the general public and that the latter's opinion is rather complex and inconsistent, with little linguistic awareness.

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