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Maria Gasouka

Institution: University of the Aegean

Country: Greece

Μaria Gasouka is an Associate Professor in Folklore and Gender at the Department of Preschool Education Sciences and Educational Design (T.E.P.A.E.S.) of the University of the Aegean.
She is the author of several books with folklore and gender themes etc. that have been published in Greece, Cyprus, Spain and the USA and she also has a plurality of scientific papers. Their main subjects are the introduction of gender’s perspective in Human and Culture Sciences, the female experience and the feminist Research, the theoretical problems of Contemporary Social Folklore-Anthropology, the Culture, the Social Class, the gender dimension of Folk Culture, the gender dimension of Literature, the Literature as a field of reconstruction of the women's past (sociological-anthropological approach from the perspective of Gender). Some of the titles of her papers are: the Sociology of gender roles, the history and sociology of feminism, the Cultural - Social dimension of Sexuality, the Search of Women’s History in Greek Ethnography, the Political Thought and Sex: Marxism and Feminism. She is a president of the Scientific Committee of the Cyprus Gender Equality Observatory (CGEO).

Areas of expertise: folklore, cultural studies, gender, higher education.

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