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Antonio Aiello

Institution: University of Pisa (Italy)

Address: Via F. Serafini No.3

Postal Code: 56126

Country: Italy

Prof. A. Aiello is Associate professor of Social Psychology at the Department of Political Sciences, University of Pisa (Pise, Italy).
He has authored or co-authored up to 120 works, published in Italian and International Journal and Volumes. He coordinated and/or took part in up to 40 national and international Research project mainly on Psychometric approaches in methodology of research and Educational approaches to STEM.
Summarizing: Researcher scholarship at the laboratory of Experimental Psychology of Memory (Dep. of Psychology, "Sapienza University", Rome, Italy and Brunel University, London, U.K). 1987/88: National research fellowship (National Research Council,). 1988/89: International research fellowship. Royal Society (U..K.) - La Sapienza University (Italy) agreement. 1988-1990: Specialization degree, cum laude, in Sociology of Communications ("Sapienza University", Rome, Italy). 1990-1994: Doctorate in Social Psychology 1994: European Union Research Grant. Project Title “Social Determinants of Attitudes and Behaviours: International Comparison”. 1996: Post doctorate grant ("Sapienza University", Rome, Italy). 1997: International "Young Scientist Research Award". Bureau of the International Council of UNESCO (M.A.B Program). 1999: University researcher position “Sapienza” University, Rome (Italy). 2004: Associate professor, Faculty of Educational Sciences. University of Cagliari (Italy). 2011-present day: Confirmed Associate professor. University of Pisa (Italy).
Since the academic year 2002/03 to presentt-day, prof. A. Aiello has been engaged in distinguished university teaching courses: Social Psychology, Political Psychology, Intercultural Psychology, Methodology of Research and specific teaching short seminars courses in in and Stem Education.
Aiello, A., Amato C., Giordano, S., Masaracchia, A., Pagano, M., Adami, D., Tesi, A. (2017). Promoting STEM via UMI: an Ecological Framing of CoPs in Networking and Networked Robotics. Proceedings book of the 6Th "New Perspectives in Science Education" Conference. Florence 17-19 March.
Aiello, A., Nardella C. (2018). Dinamiche di diffusione del benessere psicosociale nei contesti scolastici: il ruolo degli insegnanti. (Dynamics of diffusion of psychosocial well-being in educational settings: the Teachers role's. IN PRESS Giornale Italiano di Medicina del Lavoro. ISSN: 1592-7830
Areas of expertise: Methodology of research, Psychometrics, Stem educational processes and related pedagogical approaches.

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