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Oleg Loshchagin

Institution: Informational and Methodical Centre of Kolpinskiy District, Saint Petersburg

Country: Russian Federation

Director of the IMC of Kolpinskiy District of Saint Petersburg, Oleg V. Loshchagin graduated in 2001 from Saint Petersburg State University with a Master of Science degree in Biology. His Ph.D. thesis was devoted to the physiological role of antioxidant enzyme catalase in mammals and birds. For his investigations, Oleg V. Loshchagin was awarded with the medal of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the prize of Saint Petersburg Society of Naturalists. He is a member of the Society for Free Radical Research Europe.
In the organization of educational projects, Oleg V. Loshchagin has been practicing the use of BluffTitler application, a program developed by Outerspace Software, a Dutch company based in the Netherlands. Demo version of the program is available for trial as free (public domain) software. BluffTitler application has broad options to create and edit 3D animated graphic objects. Generated output images can easily be exported, specifically, as TV-news video simulations, which renders it possible to use the software for educational purposes.

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