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Edition 13


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Miguel Ángel Medina Torres

Institution: Universidad de Málaga

Country: Spain

Miguel Ángel Medina Torres is Full Professor and Principal Investigator at the University of Málaga, where he graduated (1985) and got a Ph.D. (1989) in Biology. He is also gradute in Art History (2010).

He is the coauthor of more than 200 research articles and more than 60 popularscience, reflection and/or education innovation articles. He has also written 8 articles and a book on different aspects of art.

He has been visiting researcher in Mc Gill University (Montreal, Canada), University of Heidelberg (Germany), SLU at Uppsala (Sweden), and Max Planck Instituts in Dortmund and Göttingen (Germany).

His current research interests include: Search for compounds with modulatory effects on angiogenesis. Caracterization of the structure/function relationship and turnover mechanisms of L-amino acid decarboxylases in Eukaryotes: Molecular basis and pharmacological implications. Anti-inflammatory strategies. Study of plasma membrane electron transfer systems and their modulation. Use of bioinformatics, biophysical and systems biology approaches to the study of polyamine and biogenic amine metabolism and to the systemic study of rare diseases.

His current involvement in higher education includes to act as the responsible teacher in undergraduate courses on Biochemistry, Membrane Biophysics, Molecular Biology of Cancer and Metabolic Regulation, as well as in Master courses on Analysis and Modeling of Complex Biological Systems and Evolution of Complex Systems. He is also enrolled in undergraduate transdisciplinary courses and in courses for lifelong education.

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