New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 13


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Aslanbek Naziev

Institution: Ryazan State University

Country: Russian Federation

Education: Moscow State Pedagogical Institute;

Ph D Student: Moscow State Pedagogical Institute; advisor — Sc D Prof D. A. Raikov;
Ph D Thesis: K*-Algebras and Duality; advisor — Sc D Prof D. A. Raikov; Supervisors:
Sc D Prof N. Ya. Vilenkin, Sc D Prof S. V. Ptchelintsev;

Sc D Thesis: Humanitarization of Fundamentals of Mathematics Teachers’ Training; Supervisors: Sc D Prof. A. G. Mordkovitch, Sc D Prof. I. I. Bavrin, Sc D Prof
G. B. Shabat.

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