Conference Presentations

Find below the slides supporting the speeches at the Conference. Courtesy of the authors.

Opening Speech




Future Challenges for the European Education Systems (ppt)

Stanislav Ranguelov

EACEA, European Commission (Belgium)


Title of Paper



Leadership Behaviour and Communication Methods as Correlates of Administrative Effectiveness of Heads of Academic Departments in Colleges of Education in Nigeria (ppt)

Boladale Joseph Adamu

College of Education, Ikere Ekiti (Nigeria)

i-Theatre: a Novel Educational Instrument for Multimedia Storytelling (ppt)

Federico Albiero

EduTech Srl (Italy)

The Effect of Utilizing Storytelling Strategy in Teaching Mathematics on Grade Four Students’ Achievement and Motivation towards Learning Mathematics (ppt)

Rajaa M. Albool

Birzeit university (Palestine)

Mobile Language Learning (ppt)

Ernestine Bischof

Klagenfurt University (Austria)

Global Network on Sustainability and Education (ppt)

Karen Blümcke

PERSPEKTIVwechsel (Germany)

Gender Equality at University: Evidence From IRIS Survey (ppt)

Antonella Bonfà

University of Genoa (Italy)

Transcultural Biography Work (TBW) for Adult Education (ppt)

Elisabetta Cannova

Grundtvig Multilateral Project “Realize” (Italy)

Enabling English Teachers’ Expertise and Voices to Be Visible Through Publishing (ppt)

Melba L. Cárdenas

Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Colombia)

The Future of Artistic Creativity: Models of Integration in School Curriculum (ppt)

Tatiana Chemi

Aalborg University (Denmark)

A Virtual Presence: Creating Connections through Second Life (ppt)

Rachel Crease

Charles Sturt University (Australia)

Involving High School Students in Human Rights Promotion and Critical Use of Media (ppt)

Peter Dankmeijer

GALE (Netherlands)

Vitamine crEative – Creative Vitamins: Arts and Creativity Pathways to Enhance Professional Identity (ppt)

Francesca D'Aprile

Associazione FORMA.Azione srl (Italy)

Using Innovative Learning Strategies to Enhance Social Participation of Drops Outs (ppt)

Elmo De Angelis

Training 2000 (Italy)

ICT for inclusive learning: How can eLearning help it? (ppt)

Maria de Fátima Goulão

Universidade Aberta (Portugal)

Independent Learning in Secondary School - Key to Lifelong Learning (ppt)

Dagnija Deimante-Hartmane

Riga Stradins University (Latvia)

Using ICT for Interventions to Dyslexia in Cyprus: the Case of Difficulties in World Mathematical Problem Solving (ppt)

Kyriakos Demetriou

University of Leeds (United Kingdom)

Problem-Based Teaching vs. Programmed Teaching: Challenges for the Future Of Education (ppt)

Marina Dikovic

University of Pula (Croatia)

ENjoinED Learning: Cross-Sectoral NGO Platform for Sustainability Education in a Group of Post-Communist Countries (ppt)

Mladen Domazet

Institute for Social Research (Croatia)

School Innovation through Teacher Learning: the LLwings Project (ppt)

Liliane Esnault

Freref (France)

Learning in Disadvantaged Areas: Current Challenges, Future Scenarios (ppt)

Ciprian Fartusnic

Institute of Education Sciences (Romania)

Conceiving Teaching and Learning Processes: Fostering Curricular Contextualization Practices (ppt)

Carla Figueiredo

University of Porto (Portugal)

Social-Emotional and Character Development to Improve Student Behavior and Academic Achievement: Results from Two School-Based Randomized Trials (ppt)

Brian R. Flay

Oregon State University (USA)

Gender Equality at University: Evidence From IRIS Survey (ppt)

Michela Freddano

University of Genoa (Italy)

The Importance of Early & Special Needs Education - a Chance for Technology (ppt)

Jolanta Galecka

Young Digital Planet S.A. (Poland)

Teachers’ Identity in English-Speaking Schools in Quebec (ppt)

Diane Gérin-Lajoie

OISE, University of Toronto (Canada)

Role of Education in Shaping Future Generation: Challenges, Strategies and Methodologies (ppt)

Kapil Gupta

Bansal Classes Kota (India)

Method and Tool to Achieve Necessary Level of Comprehension (ppt)

Uldis Heidingers

Latvian Education Foundation (Latvia)

Increasing Student Engagement through Collaborative Learning Outside the Classroom (ppt)

Rosario Hernández

University College Dublin (Ireland)

Cross-Curricular Connection in Art in the 4th Grade of the 9-Year Elementary School (ppt)

Danijela Horvat Samardžija

University of Primorska (Slovenia)

The Value of Creative Learning Communities and Implementation of Key Competence 7 (ppt)

Bozica Ilijic

die Berater® Unternehmensberatungs GmbH (Austria)

Remote Access to Wireless Communications Systems Laboratory- New Technology Approach (ppt)

Nadezhda Kafadarova

Plovdiv University “Paisij Hilendarski” (Bulgaria)

The Interdependence of Social Inclusion and Non-Formal Learning (ppt)

Polona Kelava

Educational Research Institute (Slovenia)

Moodle or Facebook? An Experience with Moodle UFRGS LMS in the Teaching of Art History, Theory and Criticism at Graduate Level (ppt)

Daniela Kern

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)

Wanderings through the Land of Creative Writing (ppt)

Zuzana Kucharová

Masaryk University (Czech Republic)

Changing Roles and Changing Interaction? Teachers and Students Experiences of e-Learning at the Open University in Finland (ppt)

Tarja Ladonlahti

Open University of the University of Jyväskylä (Finland)

Developing and Evaluating e-Portfolio for the Final Year Project (FYP) (ppt)

Chi-hung Leung

The Hong Kong Institute of Education (China)

Increasing Sustainable Development of Quality in Vocational Education and Training by Adopting Peer Review – The Project PRISDOQ (ppt)

Sylvia Liuti

Associazione FORMA.Azione srl (Italy)

Utilizing Structured Activities to Enhance Learning: a Review of Recreational Therapy Services from a Global Perspective (ppt)

Alexis McKenney

Florida International University (USA)

Improving e-Learning Course Design with Usability Testing (ppt)

Eugene J. Monaco

Albany State University (USA)

Creativity and Innovation Training Action: Design and Results (ppt)

Joaquín Moreno Marchal

Universidad de Cádiz (Spain)

Changing Roles and Changing Interaction? Teachers and Students Experiences of e-Learning at the Open University in Finland (ppt)

Johanna Mykkänen

Open University of the University of Jyväskylä (Finland)

Art-Based Program for Social and Emotional Development of Children (ppt)

Lenka Mynaríková

Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic)

Mediating Standards and L2 Instruction in a Colombian Setting (ppt)

Gabriel Obando

Universidad de Nariño (Colombia)

The Meedea Awards: new tools for valorizing European educational media production (ppt)

Eleonora Pantò

CSP - innovazione nelle ICT (Italy)

Reading Stimulating Initiatives in the State University of Library Studies and Information Technologies (ppt)

Lubomira Parijkova

State University of Library Studies and Information Technologies (Bulgaria)

Artist as Pedagogue Developing an Educational Model Using Practitioner-Trainers in non-Formal Learning Contexts (ppt)

Vincenzo Pellegrini

MuLab (Italy)

Game-based Research in Education and Action Training (ppt)

Maja Pivec

FH Joanneum, University of Applied Sciences (Austria)

Brownfield Regeneration Know-how Transfer – Lifelong Educational Project “Browntrans” (ppt)

Jana Pletnicka

Technical University of Ostrava (Czech Republic)

Gender Equality and Diversity Management: a Case Study of the ERASMUS Mundus Project EMMA (ppt)

Daniela Preda

University Lucian Blaga Sibiu (Romania)

Transformative Education in the Nursing Discipline (ppt)

Ruta Renigere

Latvian University of Agriculture (Latvia)

Mediating Standards and L2 Instruction in a Colombian Setting (ppt)

Ana Clara Sánchez

Universidad de Nariño (Colombia)

Development of Distance Education in Kazakhstan (ppt)

Daniyar Sapargaliyev

Eurasian National University (Kazakhstan)

Factors Behind the Construction of Student‘s Personal Learning Environments in the Museum (ppt)

Jolita Savicke

Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania)

Teachers as Mentors, Students as Constructors of Knowledge (ppt)

Maura Sellars

University of Newcastle (Australia)

Gender and Science Education (ppt)

Nikolina Sretenova

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Bulgaria)

m-Learning Manager Training Program (ppt)

Silviya Stoyanova

Plovdiv University (Bulgaria)

SKILL2E: a Proposal to Prepare Students for International Work Placements (ppt)

Maria Tabuenca Cuevas

Universidad de Alicante (Spain)

VINTAGE – Valorisation of INnovative Technologies for AGing in Europe (ppt)

Altheo Valentini

Associazione Centro Studi Città di Foligno (Italy)

Strategic Growth Opportunities in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering And Math) Education (ppt)

Ross Vaughn

Boise State University (USA)

Application of the iPhone and iPad in Medicine and Health Science Education (ppt)

Rhoda Weiss-Lambrou

Université de Montréal (Canada)

A Usability Evaluation Approach in e-Learning Environments: the case of IBM Lotus Quickr (ppt)

Michalis Xenos

Hellenic Open University (Greece)